Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trains: Part of our daily life

Old and beautiful trains:

The old trains have become totally outdated and they are run only in hills and valleys as narrow gauge trains. Most of these old trains are now just show pieces at big museums in the world. But the enchanting beauty and looks of the old trains have made them unique pieces for the exhibition. We can see some of the oldest models in these museums.

A beautiful hindi movie song shot alongside the train

In India, to encourage tourism the government introduced trains having royal looks and luxury. They are called “Palaces on Wheels”. It is worth travelling in these trains if someone need comforts and royal luxury while travelling.

Mumbai’s electric trains add nerves to the peoples’ lifestyle there. During rush hours it becomes very difficult to travel from one place to another in this huge city. But the people have got adjusted to the fast life and environment here like in other big cities of the world.

Goods or Freight trains:

Double decker Trains:

Some trains have sexiest and sleek looks. As they move along the twist and turns of hills and forests, they can also be described as simlilar to "ladies with beauty".

Toy trains:

Trains are also a poet’s favorite sometimes. Many poets have described the trains in their poems. A few are also kids’ rhyme songs like the song of engine,"Engine number nine". This rhyme song is taught in Kindergarten schools all over the world. Shall we have a look into this rhyme song?

Engine, engine number nine,
When it’s ready it will shine;
Engine, engine number nine,
Then we’ll ride on the Bombay line.

The inventors of the engine and train will be surely smiling from the heavens to see them highly developed by leaps and bounds, in all these years.

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