Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who is going to get the world's fastest train?

Right now, the question is, "Who is going to get the fastest train in the world?"

Railways have been the best, when it comes to mass transportation. The latest technologies have been tried in the development of this mode of transportation. Many nations already have the fastest means of transportation. Bullet trains and Maglev trains have changed the lifestyle of many nations. Many of them are still on their way to get the fastest trains.

China has just unveiled it's fastest train. It topped out at a whopping 245mph (394km/h) during the trial runs. However, the average speed is 217mph (350 km/h). The new train is more faster than the bullet train, and it links the city of Wuhan in central China to Guangzhou in the south, covering a total distance of 663 miles (1,068km). The latest rail service cuts the travel time and makes it easy for citizens to travel long distances. Now, It has cut short the distance between the two cities from over 6 hours down to 2 hours and 45 minutes.

In the United States, President Obama has made an announcement to the sunshine state, Florida that the first phase work of their bullet train system will soon start. $2.5 billion will be initially spent for the first phase. The high speed bullet train system from Orlando to Tampa, will eventually connect to Miami.

Solar powered bullet trains would make their entry soon. Arizona state's Tucson to Phoenix travel may soon be blazing across the desert in speeding solar powered bullet trains. Traveling at a speed of 220mph the bullet train would make the trip in just 30 minutes flat. The 110 megawatts power would be generated by solar panels mounted above the tracks. This solar powered bullet train system is being proposed by Solar Bullet LLC, founded by Bill Gaither and Raymond Wright.

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